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'Simple, natural and sustainable' actually sums it up pretty nicely (we tried to get 'affordable' in there too but it just didn't sound as catchy, see below) but if you're the kind of person who needs a touch more info, read on...


We reckon simple is definitely best when it comes to natural hair and skin care - there certainly doesn't need to be a long list of 20+ ingredients (half of which you can't even pronounce let alone recognise) and we formulated all our products with this ethos at the forefront - less is definitely more!

  • We use the minimum number of ingredients (none of our products have more than 8 ingredients, including water) for maximum results, not even any natural colours or preservatives added - just what we reckon works best for your hair and skin. We also carry this principle into our presentation and processing, keeping all wrapping, labelling and packaging to an absolute minimum, and using compostable, biodegradable components wherever we can.

  • Most of our products are designed to be combined or multi-use - for example our all in one balms can be a cleanser, a salve, and an intensive moisturiser, and most (well, all, with provisos! see individual bars for more info) of our cleansing bars our formulated to be good used for both hair and body, so less to buy, less to use, and less clutter in your life and on our amazing planet! 🌎💚




Wherever possible we use 100% pure and natural raw materials - no synthetics, no nasties, no plastics, guaranteed - in both our products and packaging, and we use organic as much as we can - we only use organic carrier oils for example. To find out more about what's in our stuff check out the About Our Products section.


True sustainability means using
responsible, ethically produced materials and processes, to make a product with an efficient and useful life cycle, which can be disposed of with minimal impact on the environment. That's one official definition we found anyway! What it actually means for us is far simpler:

- We make sure we source all our ingredients from only UK or EU based companies that support ethical sourcing, processing and packaging (and fair trade where possible).

- Our products are 100% natural, handmade in small batches by us, are completely biodegradable and produce no waste, so pretty darn efficient!


- All our packaging is compostable, biodegradable, reusable or recyclable with your household recycling.


Sustainable works both ways and we have tried to make trying and using our products sustainable for you by pricing them as affordably as we can without compromising quality or principles. 

If you'd like any more information please get in touch.




Sandangels is a small family business based in Newquay on the north coast of beautiful Cornwall, and it is actually the love of our amazing environment and wanting to help preserve and protect it (& enjoy it with our wonderful family and friends!) that is the driving force behind the Sandangels Organics ethos.

The idea for Sandangels actually started as something completely different, back in 2017; at the time there was nowhere in Newquay that stocked eco-friendly and ethical bathroom products and having always been a bit of an old-school eco-warrier, and looking for a way to start my own flexible eco business I had the idea to start a company that offered to deliver this type of thing to the locals. However, I clearly wasn't alone in the idea as while I was still researching such a shop actually opened in Newquay centre (in fact we now have two which is amazing!), but in any case by this time I had found that in looking for what I thought people really wanted in that department, those things didn't really exist at all... It dawned on me that actually I'd always been frustrated with both the lack of pure, simple and understandable products, and the sheer volume of different products available, and so I decided to start researching for myself how to make a range of products that would solve both these problems - natural, simply made, eco-friendly (and affordable!) multi- and combination-use hair and skin care. 


It was around this time also, thanks largely to David Attenborough's emotive Blue Planet series, that the plastic-free revolution started to intensify, so inspiring me to make low- and zero-waste another major feature of our products, and the rest, as they say, is history! 💚

Currently Sandangels doesn't employ anyone else - with the support of my long suffering family, everything is hand made, wrapped, and posted by me.


Happy (S)Lathering! 


Steph x



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