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If you haven't used a natural shampoo bar before here's a few suggestions for making the best of the 'poo bar revolution...

New users of 100% natural shampoo bars can experience a bit of a 'transitional' period - where your hair detoxes and finds its own natural oil production - during which time it may feel a bit sticky, waxy, or just plain... weird. But persevere, and you will love it after the adjustment! Things that will definitely help speed this process up and generally make life in the shower easier are:

-  Apply the bar to your hair lightly in long strokes (as opposed to round and round) before lathering, or work up a lather in your hands (or on a sponge or similar) then apply as usual; this will make sure you don't use too much product (making it harder to rinse properly, and also making your bar disappear faster!).

- Rinse super duper thoroughly! Sounds an obvious one but it's where a lot of people can go wrong at first; rinse epecially well in easy to miss places like the temples, behind the ears and the nape of the neck. And when you think you've rinsed properly give it one more blast to be sure! 

- Do a quick second light wash over; we always find this gets that super squeaky  clean feel.

- Use a post-shampoo acidic rinse. This is the most important tip (even though it's last), and especially important in hard water areas. You can either use an apple cider vinegar (ACV) rinse, or try some of our awesome pH balancing herbal hair rinse which helps clarify, de-tangle and condition, whilst also helping to maintain healthy hair and scalp. 

You may have heard that if you live in a hard water area you can't use shampoo bars; this is not true! It is true it's easier if you have soft or medium water, but there are a few tricks you can try to make it work:

- Lather the bar up on a sponge or cloth and apply that to your hair instead of applying directly; we suggest this at first in any case but can be a deal-breaker especially with hard water.

- Use a weak apple cider vinegar rinse Before washing to help keep the hard water minerals away from your hair shafts before lathering up; apply using a jug or spray bottle and massage through then shampoo straight away (don't rinse first), then rinse as usual.

- Use a bicarbonate of soda pre-rinse. This one shouldn't be done often as bicarb can be quite harsh but by just adding a little to some warmer water and pouring over your hair just before shampooing (as with the vinegar above) you should find your hair lathers up pretty well.

Hopefully these suggestions will help make it work for you but if all else fails you can always use the your bar on your body instead!

Lastly, a general bar tip... Our bars are completely natural, with none of the added "hardening" additives found in synthetic bars, so it's important to make sure to keep your bar dry between uses to prolong it's life. Not allowing it to completely dry out will mean it ends up soft or mushy (which will mean product overload next time you go to use it) or even worse, if you leave it in the shower soap dish (or just sitting in a bath-side puddle) dissolving completely! Not ideal!

Other general haircare tips We've found helpful when using shampoo bars are:

- Making sure you brush your hair regularly (helps to distribute the natural oils and restore shine, apparently)

- Don't wash your hair too often! This can overstimulate natural oil production or lead to build up, particularly if you're using a comforting bar; and lastly...

- Mix up your choice of 'poo bars - even your hair likes a change of scenery! 
That's it! Beautiful, toxin free hair and planet!🌱🌍💚 

The bottom line is, we've found that making the switch to natural shampoo bars has resulted in our hair being softer, bouncier, waaay more healthy looking and - total bonus if you're into time-saving as well as planet-saving - after your hair has adjusted to its new routine it actual needs washing less often! So more time to spend on the beach! ☀️🌊


Unless you're one of the lucky few, an acidic rinse is pretty darn crucial to a natural shampoo bar routine - in the initial stages at least - and the good news is it's really quick and easy!
You can use pretty much any mild food acid but popular choices lots of people find they already have at home are vinegar (apple cider vinegar is probably best for hair, and an amazing health product for many other reasons) or lemon juice, and just dilute it with warm water - or cold if you're feeling brave! - at about the same ratio as for weak cordial, and massage through your hair after washing; leave for a minute then rinse. Simples! 

Once you're more used to using shampoo bars you will definitely want to experiment with dilution levels to find the best concentration for your hair, whether it's for maintenance or clarifying (generally we've found we need less or more depending on the season, general health, etc) but you'll probably find that eventually you don't even need to do the A-Rinse every time you wash your hair - so even more time saved! Happy days! 


Our own pH balancing, conditioning and clarifying hair rinse is actually rather fabulous for hair and scalp health! Here's a link:





These minimum organic and ECOCERT approved balms are veritable pocket rockets of power for your skin; they are formulated to be multi purpose, come in a handy pocket size reusable tin, and once you get used to pretty much all your epidermic needs being met by one super-flexible product we reckon you will never go back! Great as a lip balm, eyebrow tamer, eyelash conditioner, super nourishing face food (a perfect intensive night or day moisturiser) and healing hand butter... You can even rub a little in your fingertips and apply to the ends of your hair if it's having one of those days.


AS A MOISTURISING & RESCUE BALM: For small areas apply as you would a regular lip balm. For larger areas (eg face, hands) scoop out a small seed to pea sized amount (using the back of a nail if quite firm) and apply sparingly as and where required - a little goes a long way! We've found applying to damp skin helps lock in more moisture and feels super hydrated.


Apply where required and simply wipe off with a damp, warm cloth or pad - and there's no need to moisturise after.


PRODUCT CARE: It's best to keep all-natural balms cool, but if yours does get too warm - ie melt and then reset separated or with a 'grainy' texture - it can be restored to its original form by melting down completely to a liquid then popping in the freezer for 10 minutes. 



On the off chance anyone out there needs a little reminder of how soap works... Wet your bar, work up a lather with your applicator of choice (hands/shaving brush/scrubbing brush - usage and dirt levels depending) and apply as required! It's really as simple as that. The only added recommendation for use really for these bars is the same as with shampoo bars - be sure to let them dry out completely between uses to prolong their life (and Definitely don't leave them in the shower tray).


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